Ebay success!

Been a few days since I posted on here…I’ve been having a few doubts about keeping a financial blog. It feels so revealing – posting things about debt when I haven’t even told friends and family.Then I looked at my stats and realised no-one had even looked at my blog posts! I don’t know what I was secretly expecting, but I’m not as worried now!

Anyway, this weekend was a great weekend for making a little cash. I got a small refund out of Vodafone after a cancellation problem (£24.24), sold my old Fitbit Charge HR at Cex as I got a new one for Christmas (£30 but split it with the purchaser of my new one so £15) and cashed in £25 of Swagbucks vouchers.

However, my big win was a Garmin Forerunner 620.

eBay Garmin 620
Garmin Forerunner 620 for sale

I don’t do as much running anymore and when I do, I use phone apps with a polar HRM or my Fitbit to track. I took it in to Cex but they were only offering £36 (it cost £250 new three or four years ago), so I stuck it on EBay with a starting bid of £29.99 and a cheeky buy-it-now of £100. It sold for the BIN price within 20 mins! So total profit from this weekend is around £160! Worth shopping around when selling, I guess 😊


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