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Bringing home a little more bacon – finding sources of extra income

I’m not a fan of January. The fun of Christmas has gone, days are dark and no matter how much extra income I earn (which is never very much but still…), it just disappears  against a myriad of outgoings. All the children’s bills seem bigger in January – lots of stuff is invoiced termly: clarinet lessons for both girls; scouts; stagecoach; school lunches; after school club etc. And it didn’t help that I switched internet provider so had to pay £340 upfront. I’m counting down until my January payday on 31st.

There are 9 days left in January. I have £40 left for food, £10 left for petrol (and half a tank in the car already which I need because I promised my sister I’d do a round trip to London – 200 miles – next weekend) and a few other bits and bobs.

I’m pushing my other income sources hard as I don’t want to go over my budget in the first month of running it. My little sources of extra income this month have included:

  • EBay – some surprise victories here have left me just over £100 better off, and I’ve probably got another £20 to come which I can use for eating out in London next weekend.
  • Swagbucks -love it or hate it, I can get quite a few pennies from this site when I’m in need… This month it has been a very helpful £40 straight into my Paypal account. If you want to give this site a go, I’ll post a how-to on it soon, but please please please use my Swagbucks Referral Link– we’ll both get extra swagbucks in the pot.
  • Surveymini app – I’ve been doing this for a few months now without a payout but finally I have reached the required number of points for a £10 voucher. I’m going to take the Pets at Home voucher and use it for the dogs worming medicine. Living the high life here!
  • Cex – this is a cash-converters style exchange store that buy DVDs and some electrical goods. I have sold them my old Fitbit (£15) this month as well as a number of very rubbish DVDs I’ve had hanging around for ages (Dawson’s Creek anyone?) which have added up to just over £7

I also have some ongoing projects that might see some financial reward (although not yet)

  • Facebook – I have started using this for the first time today. Apparently it’s good for selling bigger items that you don’t want to post via EBay. Our pet rat died yesterday so I washed out her cage and stuck that plus some accessories onto the local Facebook selling site. Fingers crossed…
  • Yougov – I signed up for a Yougov account at the beginning of January. It’s a survey site and they email me when there’s a survey for me to do. The surveys are very quick and average around 50 points for a survey. You need 5000 points for a £50 pay out. It’ll be great when I get there but I’m still some way off!

I’m sure there are plenty more ways of topping up income – if you know of any good ones that you’re happy to share, please post in the comments below.

Have a profitable week x


















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