Monthly Review

January in Review

A little late with this, but here’s my review of January.

My targets were simple…

  1. To stay in budget (and prove I actually could…)
  2. To save a little towards my two main goals – a university fund for my daughters and my pension pot, and thereby gradually increase my net worth.

How did I do?

I did stay in budget – YNAB is proving a godsend. My reports still aren’t very useful as I haven’t been using it long enough, but I had money over at the end of the month and actually carried some over from a number of categories. It is so freeing to be able to let YNAB decide if I can afford something!

And I saved a good amount towards my goals – £200 into my kiddies uni fund and £300 into my pension pot (actually, both of these are still sitting in my current account until I accumulate a little more and then do something useful with it.)

I earned a nice bit of extra income this month. Here are my totals:

Ebay sales – £176.96
Swagbucks rewards – £40 (paypal)
Cashback from TSB for using contactless payments – £1.43
Reward for switching bank account – £100
Interest from Nationwide – £10.38
Refund from Vodafone for mistake they made £24.24

In addition I got £20 Waterstones vouchers and £20 Accessorize vouchers for taking some unwanted Christmas gifts back.

The total extra I made in January, on top of my usual salary etc. was £353.01 (not including the extra vouchers) – a very reasonable sum indeed.

As I ended the month YNAB put my January net worth as up 13.4% on December 2016. Nice!


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